Top ways to earn from Facebook!

In this tech era, everyone wants to earn online and though shortcuts, but I tell you boss, there is no shortcut in life unless you are genius enough to find shortcuts.

Earning on facebook is not full time job but you can do it on part time, like blogging, 1 thing that matters a lot is consistency, if you are consistent and patient your account will increase day by day, moment by moment.

Following are some known ways from which you can earn money on facebook.

  • Page
  • Group
  • Design
  • Sharing
  • Views


Create a page and post interesting content, the more likes the page gets, the more opportunities are generated, once your page gets many likes, people come see your stuff, interact there, now you have much better traffic , you can call up to refferal programs or some marketing agencies to promote their things on your page, you can charge from them.


Buy and sell groups are being famous in every corner of the world, create group add your friends and ask them to add their friends and so on. When you get many members you can now sell your products to the people.


In todays world social media like facebook has become necessary for businesses, if you are a good designer show your work to the businesses and tell them that you can design better covers and dps (Display Pictures) they might hire ayou and you can earn sitting at home on facebook.


People and businesses especially startups want their content and products to be shared, inbox such people and share their content on different groups and pages, and that’s how you can earn too.


If you are good comedian or creative video maker, make videos and when your videos get millions of views, businesses will contact you to promote their stuff in your videos and you earn.


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