K-Electric doing no good, still light has not shown in many areas of Karachi…

Karachi is known as “city of Lights” but K-Electric has made it “City of Dark”

K-Electric previously Karachi Electric Supply company (KESC) working in Karachi since 1913, operating publicly from 1952, which was privatized due to some reasons back in 2005, It is covering large area of Karachi as well as some parts of Baluchistan and Sindh.

Recently it was biggest shut down in Karachi few days earlier, still people do not find electricity, asking different questions on social media including Facebook and twitter, you can find thousand of tweets by searching #KElectric and see the hate of people, I was scrolling up and down on twitter I found an account named “Chey EE”, If you are Pakistani you can understand this letter and meaning of it.

We as Pro Student request K-Electric to improve their operations, even if they get any kind of problem it should be solved in minutes not even it should be hours.

On the other hand K-Electric requests all people to calm down, support the officials so they can so-operate and pay our bills on time so we would not face such issues.

Keep sharing this so that majority of people see and read this, be it Karachities or K-Electric officials.

Here are some picture (memes) of K-Electric rolling on social media, you might like to see..

City of Darkness now a days (Karachi)

Describe it yourself

This shows that they are going after K-Electric

Workers of K-Electric be like


COMSATS (CIIT) Fraudulent scandal, earlier DDP…

COMSATS one of the finest institute of Pakistan, working as leader in IT (Information Technology) among all universities, it has 37000+ students enrolled in 7 different campuses (Islamabad, Lahore, Sahiwal, Wah, Abbotabad, Vehari, Attock) and one virtual campus, which seems to be good sign for any institute, COMSATS was to be make top institute in IT, which produces good tech expert from Pakistan who go out around the world to shine the name of Pakistan,

Recently scam has shown on screens that it is made a business model to create more revenue through enrolling  many students rather than following the aim of the institute to promote research and quality education, the proof of this is that the government has refused to fund any project of COMSATS.

They have re hired the retired officers in management, who are currently at top positions, of them they are friends and family members and other references. COMSATS has 14 board of governers, from which majority are workers at COMSATS so they take beneficial decisions of their own. They save from the funds and put the moey in their own pockets.

The biggest examples are;

  • Management Sciences Department (If you have visited if not, then do)
  • Bridge of girls hostel which drowns in every rain.
  • No Auditorium.
  • No owned parking area.
  • & many more.

Do not forget dual degree scandal by COMSATS.

Shouldn’t we protest against fraudulent act by the management.?? That is the reason they do not let us take sukooon ki sans. #Share as much as U can.




For proof you can watch the following video.


Urdu being official language of Pakistan in or out of country.

As we all know Urdu is our national language, but we still follow English at many places, even our officials including politicians and celebrates use English over Urdu, but recently Prime Minister has decided to make preparation for making Urdu as official language for the country which means all officials of Pakistan will give their speeches in Urdu whether in the country or outside the country.

Afterwards, everything Urdu will be considered official, even websites, documents, passports, identities, utility bills and government institutes will contain Urdu.

This will be done in coming 15 years, which means in the next decade everything will be changed from other languages to Urdu, English will only be used for officials purposes after following changing process from Urdu to English.

#Share this to others. Feeling proud. (a very good step by Pakistani Government)