Mujhe Q nikala?

Sab se pehle main aap ko btata chalu is ki angrezi!

Me why out?

Days have been  passed when panama case against PML (N) specifically Mr Nawaz Sharif (Ex-PM of Pakistan).

Is faisley se hum students pe kya fark para? Let’s dicuss in details!

Bhai, Nawaz Sharif k nikalne pe na meri koi assignment kam hui na quiz na e semester mai fees maaf. Meri to pehle e phati thi degree puri krne k lye ab b wo e haal hai.

Agar aap ko is ka jawab pata hai to comment kijye, tag kijye apne PTI waley dost ko, agar ap ko lagta hai k na haq hua hai tab b comment kijye, tag kijye apne nooni dost ko.

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Sala ek Machar (Dengue)

Dengue the most dangerous mosquito who has taken many lives. Many are diening in Pakiustan due to this.

Sahi danda dya hua hai na machar ne sab ko, chahe wo government ho ya awam.

Lets talk about k paida kese hota hai?

Dengue is found mostly on still water be it clean or dirty. It can be anywhere, it is not specific to peshawar or punjab. So be careful with all the water.

It also transfers from one patient to another.

Symptoms of Dengue:

  • Fever (sahi qisam ka tezz bukhar)
  • Headaches
  • You do not get thirsty (Pyas na lagna)
  • Weakness
  • Khooon ki kami
  • WBCs die in this.

When you find above symptoms anytime please visit the doctor at earliest and get it cured. Drink lots of water and watery things. Avoid going to such places and do not save water if you do, please cover it with something.

Get the anti dengue spray done around your houses and societies. Ask your government officials to do that, as we know our governments are too busy fighting, you should take a stand and do the spray yourselves. Coz “Hum nahi karein to kon karega?”

Do not think that superman or koi super power aega, remember ;

“Allah helps those who helps themselves”

Agar ap ko lagta hai k ap is mai add kr sakty  hain to please humein message krein. Is message ko khoob phelian apne dosto mai and families mai.

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Hogai parhai? Ye kuch job portals hain job dhundne k lye..!!

Chalo, ghiswai hai apni boht ustaad university mai, ab time agaya hai job krne ka..!!

Wo time gaya jab us larki ko patane k lye paise nai thai aur wo kisi ameer baap k bete k sath bethi thi, ab wo time hai jab paise to honge par wo larki nai hogi..!!


Ohoo sad hone ki baat nai hai jigar, wo nai to koi aur sahi, koi aur nahi to koi aur sahi, kyakehte ho?

Pro Student ne barey logo ko dekha hai berozgaar tbi to laya hai kuch website jin k  zriye aap apna rozgaar dhund sakte hain..!!

Ye websites par jaen, profile banaen, aur apply karein full anth jobs, bss dhyaaan rakhye ga jis post k lye apply karein to us post k skills hone chye, coz barey barey gunah karein par job k lye website k oooper jhoot nai likhna..!!

Ye kuch website hain jin pe app ka profile hona lazim hai,

  1. Linkedin
  2. Rozee
  3. Facebook


ye website ek social netowrking website hai jahan pe sarey professionals hote hain, yahan pe log logo k skills dekh k un ko job offer krte hain, yahan par 2 CGPA waley b manager bane hain aur 4 CGPA waley b. so achi profile banaen aur job paen.

Jinn companies mai job krna chahte hain yahan pe un ka follow up rakhein aur apply krte rahein.


Rozee ek sahi maano mai rozee ka zariya hai, pakistan mai kroro lakhon log is portal pe jaa k job hasil kar chukey hain. ye istemaal mai boht e assaan hai, jaen sign up karein, aur job khareed lein 😉


Aj kal facebook ek boht e bari market ban gaya hai, hazaro groups aur pages hain jo jobs ki info dete hain, ek achi c profile banaen, groups join karein aur CV email karei aur interview dein aur job enjoy karein, boht sare employers is ko prefer krte hain Q k ye ek pura planet hai jahan asani se har qism ka employee mil sakta hai.

Agar aap ne linked in ka profile banwana hai to aap RECONNECT pe msg karein kuch rupey kharach karein aur profile banwaen.

Difference between 2 GPA waley log & 4 GPA waley log

GPA = Grade Point Average

Let us discuss 4 GPA first

  • They are extra ordinary in studies, (matlb hai k parhai k ilawa inhe kuch b nai aata)
  • They have good memory. (matlab sahi ratteyy maarte hain)
  • They are career oriented (Matlab apna business to soch b nai sakte sari zindagi nokari krni hai)
  • They can beat you in quiz (Q k hatho se ye nai lar sakte)
  • They can not sleep well (Matlab boht tension mai hotey hain)
  • They can tell you 2+2 = 4 but they can not tell how? (matlab hai k kuch b kar lo answer sahi aana chye, numbers hote hain)
  • They are very good at mainting their results (Matlab hai k azaab hote hain un logo k lye jo parhte nai)
  • They follow schedule means they are very organized (Simple matlab hai k kabhi nai bhulte k aaj quiz hai)
  • Good Points b hote hain hain jese:
    • Gali Galoch nai krte
    • Apne kaam se kaam rakhte
    • Respect karte hain sab ki
    • Kabhi Kabhi parha b dete hain
    • Jo un k sath beth jae usey book ki zruat nai parti
    • They are chalte phirte google
    • Parents ko khush krte hain
    • Result k din apne parents k sath aatey
    • Convocation mai sab k samne beth k gardan oonchi kar k beth’te hain
    • Ladley hote hain techers k , teachers in ka kehna b mantey hain
  • Aur koi point add krna chahein aap to hmra blog follow krein, like share and comment krein.

Now comes 2 GPS waley log:

  • Pehle ache waley points discuss krte hain
    • Un ko logo ka experience hota hai
    • They can bunk class very easily in case of emergency
    • They are very good at social networking
    • Teachers se bana k rakhna boht assaan kaam hota in k lye
    • Parh k zyada matha nai khapatey akhri raat parh k paper de k aajatey matlab hai relax hote hain tension nai lete
    • They know k acha khana kahan milta
  • Now facts discuss krte hain:
    • in ko sab teachers k offices ka pata hoota
    • Sab larkiyo ki info hoti hai
    • GFs/BFs normal hote hain
    • Uni mai mashoor hotey ya to singer, actor, ya batein krne mai ache
    • in ki memory boht kamzor hoti hai (note kijye ga sirf parhai mai)
    • ye kabi b clas mai chup nai beth sakte
    • chill krne se in ka hazma hota hai
    • kaam nikalwane k lye best hote hain
    • sab londo se dosti krna in ka farz hota hai
    • rector/HOD/HOC office tak jane se nai ghabrate
  • Aur koi point add krna chahein aap to hmra blog follow krein, like share and comment krein.

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Top ways to earn from Facebook!

In this tech era, everyone wants to earn online and though shortcuts, but I tell you boss, there is no shortcut in life unless you are genius enough to find shortcuts.

Earning on facebook is not full time job but you can do it on part time, like blogging, 1 thing that matters a lot is consistency, if you are consistent and patient your account will increase day by day, moment by moment.

Following are some known ways from which you can earn money on facebook.

  • Page
  • Group
  • Design
  • Sharing
  • Views


Create a page and post interesting content, the more likes the page gets, the more opportunities are generated, once your page gets many likes, people come see your stuff, interact there, now you have much better traffic , you can call up to refferal programs or some marketing agencies to promote their things on your page, you can charge from them.


Buy and sell groups are being famous in every corner of the world, create group add your friends and ask them to add their friends and so on. When you get many members you can now sell your products to the people.


In todays world social media like facebook has become necessary for businesses, if you are a good designer show your work to the businesses and tell them that you can design better covers and dps (Display Pictures) they might hire ayou and you can earn sitting at home on facebook.


People and businesses especially startups want their content and products to be shared, inbox such people and share their content on different groups and pages, and that’s how you can earn too.


If you are good comedian or creative video maker, make videos and when your videos get millions of views, businesses will contact you to promote their stuff in your videos and you earn.


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